Research Assistant Cambodia

Research Assistant Health Program Evaluation

Employer: The Evaluation Lab
Vacancy Type: Contract, initially 14 days Evaluation setup (PHASE 1).
If setup is successful, 4 week full time, Evaluation Project (PHASE 2).
Rate: USD$125/7 days
Evaluation Vacancy Location: Cambodia
Job posted on: 1st September, 2012.
Applications close: 1sst November, 2012.

The Evaluation Lab, an independent New York based Evaluation Consultancy,  seeks a Research  Assistant to support an Evaluation study of a Cambodian Health project.

Vacancy Duties & Responsibilities:

The research assistant will work under the supervision of the Evaluation Lab Research Manager
and will have a number of duties and responsibilities. They may include but are not limited too:

PHASE 1 (14 Days):

  • Construct a list of 20 appropriate organisations who might be interested in a pro bono, no fee evaluation of one of their programs. An appropriate organisation is one that is running health programs in Cambodia, has an English language website, as well as international staff members.
  • Once the list has been reviewed by the evaluation manager, contact the organisations on the list about conducting an evaluation of one of their programs for them. Ensure that the organisation understands the benefits of having evaluations conducted, who The Evaluation Lab is, and what we plan to do for them.
  • Arrange a teleconference (ie. skype)  to further discuss the possibility of conducting an evaluation between the Evaluation Lab and appropriate organisations who are interested in having an evaluation conducted .
  • Contribute to establishing an agreement (ie. a terms of reference) for an evaluation of a health Program between an appropriate organisation and the The Evaluation Lab.


  • Coordinate logistics for the visiting Evaluator e.g. transport, accommodation, food
  • Contribute to the design, implementation and reporting on specific research activities as required by the projects with support from the Evaluation Manager.
  • Contribute to day-to-day monitoring and evaluation operations for The Evaluation Lab. Such activities include, but are not limited to; translation, coordinating meetings, stakeholder interviews and focus groups, desk-based research, qualitative research and quantitative research including stakeholder interviews, focus groups, content analysis, surveys, and program databases.
  • Support and give a “local” opinion on various stages of research operations such as research set up, research design, methodology, quality control measures, data analysis and reporting.
  • Support Cambodian NGO development. Where appropriate, assist in training  in-country researchers, either face-to-face or remotely, in research design, methodology and reporting.
  • Work cooperatively with The Evaluation Lab colleagues to contribute to a strong team environment in Cambodia and overseas. Such activities include, but are not limited to; making weekly reports, via email, skype or telephone to Project Managers  on progress.
  • Actively contribute to and share your ideas about how best to conduct the project. Especially how to conduct the project within Cambodian culture, customs and government and non-government systems.
  • Actively seek to contribute to The Evaluation Lab, its objectives and to assist the team to realise its overall strategies and goals actively promote its values and apply all relevant policies.

Job Application procedure and deadline:

Applications are due 1st November 2012.
Please submit the following components of the application:

1. Cover Letter – detailing a convincing argument why you would be good at performing the duties and responsibilities required for this role as an Evaluation Research Assistant.

2. Current Resume – details of education/training and work experience you believe is helpful performing the duties and responsibilities required for this role.

Please email these to:
Please put in the email subject line: Research  Assistant – Cambodia Health project.