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Cambodia Health Evaluation

Health Services Team Performance

The Evaluation Lab is a New York based Evaluation Consultancy specialising in monitoring and evaluating health programs in developing countries. The Evaluation Lab is presently targeting its services towards a number of geographical areas. One of which is Cambodia.

As part of our strategy to develop our evaluation products for Cambodian health programs, we are currently looking for a number of opportunities in Cambodia to conduct evaluations of health programs – at no cost to the NGO.

Quality Monitoring and Evaluation of Health Programs

Cambodia Health Programs

Cambodian Health Program Evaluation

Evaluations will be managed by International Evaluation specialists and will fulfill evaluation best practice criteria as defined in the OECD Program Evaluation Guidelines (see: DAC Guidelines).

Evaluations will be conducted in Cambodia by  a two person team from the The Evaluation Lab.  One person will be  an International Research Manager from our New York Office. The other will be our one of our research staff members  from Cambodia.

Evaluations will be conducted over a 4 week period sometime during January or February 2013. The exact timing, resources and methods that will be applied will need to be agreed upon.


Two high quality monitoring and evaluation reports will be produced.

1. The first  report will focus on what the program has achieved. Evaluations by external evaluators is  KEY to securing funding and interest from international donors.

2. The second  report will focus on what lessons have been learnt and how greater achievements can be made in the future. This report for the  program managers will clearly identify where the program strengths and weaknesses  are, as well as provide options and improvements that can be easily implemented.


Application Criteria for Cambodian Health Programs.


  • Organisations must be a local or international NGO managing health programs and be registered with the Ministry of the Interior in Cambodia.
  • Have an English language website.
  • Currently employ or have experience working with international team members.
  • Be motivated to see a high quality evaluation completed.
  • Be motivated to demonstrate the achievements of  their programs.

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