Project Manager – Andrew Dodson (MSc.)

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Andrew is the first person you are going to come in contact with at The Lab. Andrew will manage the project  and coordinate the services.

Andrew Dodson Evaluation Consultant

Andrew Dodson – The Evaluation Lab (Project Manager)

Andrew trained as an Industrial/Organisational Psychologist (what’s that?), but has spent most of his time working in Public Health evaluation and policy advice.

Andrew has worked in strategy and evaluation at the Department of Health in New Zealand and the National Health Service (NHS) in the United Kingdom. The work focused around advising on performance indicators and developing performance evaluations for both  policy as well as  community based health teams.

Andrew also worked as a public health research consultant on a  range of health issues including smoking, obesity, and cross cultural health issues.

Andrew has also competed a  number of post disaster projects including work with Oxfam (Cambodia), and the Red Cross (New Zealand), as well pro-bono assignments in Pakistan, Uganda, Haiti and Bhutan. More information about Andrew Dodson.

Professional Memberships Include: American Evaluation Association, Washington EvaluatorsEastern Evaluation Research Society

Evaluaiton Assistant Nepal

Evaluation Assistant Nepal – Dala Prasad Chaulagain

Research Assistant Nepal – Dala Prasad Chaulagain (MPH)

Dala is our research assistant in Nepel and is currently based in Kathmandu. Dala brings a range of experience and local knowledge to the Evaluation Lab. Dala recently graduated with a Masters in Public Health from Mahidol University Thailand, and previously worked in Nepal for Doctors Without  Borders (MSF)  for four years (2005 to 2009). Dala has extensive local experience working as a malnutrition supervisor at Kalikot District Hospital, and as a Programme Coordinator delivering programs aimed at TB, malnutrition as well as HIV/AIDS.